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About us

We help getting energy and profit from organic waste of enterprises and households!

AgroBiogas is a European supplier of a full cycle of works in the biogas production sector. Our competences include consulting, planning and design, engineering, coordination and construction works, commissioning and biogas production processes maintenance, personnel training to effective biogas plants operation We implement biogas plant projects of all capacities for utilization and processing of organic waste from households, small and medium-sized enterprises of agricultural sector and industry

We provide a full range of works and services

Moreover, AgroBiogas provides consultancy services, laboratory researches and analyses, quality control of raw materials, technical conclusions on optimizing processes and equipment for biogas plants, etc.


Construction works, equipment, start-up


Staff training to efficient biogas plant operation


Warranty services, feed quality control


year on the market


experts in biogas




satisfied customers

Mission and Vision

We implement proven technological solutions for conversion of organic waste from enterprises and households into biogas and organic fertilizers

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Our mission

The Company’s mission is to select and to implement efficient technological solutions with an emphasis on the raw material base specifics in order to manage organic waste of enterprises and households, accompanied with biogas production and high-quality organic fertilizers formation

Our goal is to expand production and use of energy from biogas in rural areas, ensuring safe, sustainable, decentralized energy supply

Our vision

Our corporate vision is to promote transparent, long-term cooperation with customers and investors in terms of the development, supply, support and sustainable development of biogas plants in Ukraine, EU and worldwide

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