Exploitation of biogas stations - AgroBiogas

Efficiency of biogas technology is achievable with proper operation of the biogas station, therefore, we, as a supplier of biogas technologies of all capacities, offer training of personnel and operators of biogas stations.


We have developed an educational platform accessible to personnel and operators of biogas stations built by AgroBiogas, which allows to obtain and improve the skills of operation of the biogas station, to exchange experience, research and proposals.


AgroBiogas company trains your personnel to operate the implemented biogas plant, with an emphasis on safety and health.

 Particular attention is paid to safety issues
during the cleaning and maintenance of the main facilities of the biogas plant:
to determine the necessary working stages and to prepare a hazard level
assessment for methane tanks.

An efficient biogas production process requires
timely maintenance. Training of personnel and operators of the biogas station
provides for the introduction into the course of work of the software of the
automated control system during the performance of such maintenance, 
as well as the corresponding maintenance of technical records of the performed maintenance tasks.

The issue of identifying possible emergencies and preparing an action plan in the event of an emergency at a biogas station is important. It is suggested that a contingency plan be presented and appropriate safety exercises performed directly at the biogas station.


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