Design of biogas plants - AgroBiogas

Biogas plant begins with the basic concept development, based on optimal organic waste volumes and composition selection, and its subsequent adaptation to the regional conditions and customer’s requirements.

Such approach is important, because, both technically and economically, technological solution development and selection should be based on available and guaranteed feedstock volumes.

AgroBiogas offers biogas technologies for organic waste processing and utilization from:

  • agricultural enterprises (animal husbandry, poultry farming, crop production, energy crops)
  • manufacturing, food processing enterprises
  • sugar, alcohol factories
  • vegetable stores, granaries
  • supermarkets
  • catering services
  • hotel and restaurant business, etc.

Based on the feedstock requirements we are offering:

  • one-, two- and multi-staged biogas technologies
  • mesophilic and thermotolerant fermentation modes

Prepared basic concept proceeds to the following feasibility study with appropriate expenditures and revenue assessment, and economic attractiveness of the project.

The next phase of biogas plant project implementation is an integrated planning.

AgroBiogas conducts planning of any complexity and scope:

  • planning adapted to appropriate feedstock type
  • preliminary and detailed planning
  • biogas plants planning for households and industrial biogas plants
  • biogas production potential estimation and definition
  • detailed planning and mapping of biogas production processes

complex planning of process and equipment management and control


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